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Tungsten rod

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Tungsten products: tungsten rods

First, the product physicochemical properties

1. Forged tungsten rod

1.1 Purity: W≥99.95%;

1.2 Density: ≥19.0g/cm3;

1.3 Straightness: ≤1%;

2, sintered tungsten rod

2.1 Purity: W≥99.95%;

2.2 Density: ≥18.3g/cm3;

2.3 Straightness: ≤2%

Second, the sintered tungsten rod is mainly used for the drawing of tungsten wire, the raw material of the forged tungsten rod. Because of the high melting point characteristics of tungsten metal itself, forged tungsten rods with high purity, high density and excellent high temperature creep resistance are widely used in tungsten crucible supports in sapphire growth furnaces, electrodes in high temperature furnaces, Heating elements, connectors, supporting load-bearing bars and other components.

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