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The improvement of the quality of casting products is the top priority for the development of the foundry industry.

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With the rapid development of the national economy, the foundry industry as a basic equipment has also developed rapidly, and the output of various types of wear-resistant castings continues to increase. The acceleration of the current globalization of the world economy has provided opportunities for the development of China's foundry industry, and the demand for castings continues to grow. However, at present, there are still many problems in China's castings. The comprehensive quality of castings is poor, the working conditions are bad, the manufacturers love low production efficiency, and the casting technology and economic benefits are not effectively improved. This series of problems all seriously restrict the foundry industry. development of.

Therefore, it is an urgent task for the development of the foundry industry to grasp the technological improvement of China's foundry industry and strive to improve the intrinsic quality and external quality of castings. It is also the foundation of the development of the foundry industry.

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