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Application and development of large diameter titanium alloy pipes for marine use

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In recent years, China has implemented a large number of major projects such as marine vessels, offshore oil drilling platforms, seawater desalination, and artificial island reef construction. The demand for various types of high-strength and corrosion-resistant metal pipes used in large-scale equipment in the above-mentioned fields has shown a significant growth trend. Because metal pipes need to be used in complex and harsh marine environments (strong corrosion, typhoon, strong convection, high temperature, high pressure, bio-adhesion), their corrosion resistance is extremely high. Titanium and titanium alloys have strong toughness and no magnetism. The unique advantages of low density and excellent corrosion resistance make it the most ideal material for large-scale equipment in the above fields. A large number of experience has confirmed that the service life of the low-alloy steel pipe system is 1 to 2 years, and the service life of the Cu/Ni pipeline system is only 6 to 8 years, which is far from the design life requirement of the seawater pipeline. Titanium has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, high specific strength, light weight, no magnetism, seawater corrosion resistance and marine atmospheric corrosion. The corrosion life of titanium and titanium alloy pipelines is more than 120,000 hours, and the service period is more than 60 years. Under the working conditions, the full life of the titanium alloy material is unmatched by other metal materials, and can be 100% harmlessly recovered after the end of the equipment life. Therefore, it is the best choice for marine equipment.

Characteristics of marine equipment

1 Marine equipment is a large-scale metal building with large tonnage, high investment cost and large damage loss.

2 The system has complex structure, complete functions, complicated working conditions, high reliability requirements and difficult construction technology.

3 Material life extension is of great significance for ensuring the integrity, reliability and safety of marine equipment and structures, and promoting resource conservation and sustainable development.

4 Improve the performance of marine equipment mainly involves improving corrosion resistance, lightweight, high-strength and high-toughness material application, reliability and product life cycle quality.

Advantages of titanium alloy pipe

Titanium alloy has a series of important characteristics such as high melting point, low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, superconductivity, shape memory and hydrogen storage. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear power, medical, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, sports. Leisure, construction and other fields have been hailed as “third metal”, “air metal” and “marine metal”. Pipe is used as a transmission channel for gaseous and liquid media. It is a basic product in all fields of the national economy. Titanium alloy pipe is excellent in its light weight and good corrosion resistance. It is used in aero engines, aerospace vehicles and oil pipelines. , chemical equipment, marine environment construction and various offshore operating platforms have a wide range of applications, such as coastal power stations, offshore oil and gas exploration and transportation, seawater desalination, marine chemical production, alkali-making salt, petroleum refining equipment, etc., the prospects are very broad.